Manage accounts in cloud.
Account Management
Account register
Account roles
Account sharing
3rd party auth
Up to tens of millions of account management
All basic functions IoT devices need in the cloud.
Device Management
Device register
Message broker(mqtt-tls/https)
Device state mirror
Programmable trigger
Monitoring & statistics
Up to hundreds of millions of devices on-line management
Cloud storage with ultimate secure.
Cloud Storage
Event-based storage
7x24 storage
Video slicing
Smart indexing (person, pets, vehicles, etc.)
Privacy/GDPR certificate
Encryption during data transmission and storage for data safety
Push messages in various ways with intelligence.
Message & Notification
App/email/SMS/phone notifications
Smart notification filter with Uni-Smart
Low latency in second-level
A4x developed protocol, which is compatible with WebRTC and has been optimized for IoT applications.
P2P connection
Cross-platform support of WebRTC in IPC
Working with Linux、Lite OS、FreeRTOS, etc.
Multi-parties streaming
Full duplex audio
End-to-end encryption for data safety
Global server deploys and auto path-selection
Keep your device on-line all the time with ultra-low power.
Low-power connection
Low-power messaging
Global server deploys and auto path-selection
Solve all the problems you and your users have.
Customer Service
Customizable online FAQ
7x24 customer care
Feedback ticketing system
Wiki import and management.
Quickly customize and launch your value-added service package.
In-app purchase
Supporting various payment Channels
VAS Management
Customizable Marketing
Transactional Email
How to Deploy
A4x-Hosted Cloud
Customer-Hosted Cloud
All services are hosted in A4x cloud, with low cost, fast access, and easy scale.
For customers who want to have their own cloud or have special requirements for privacy.
Develop with A4x.
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